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Named after a Swedish water spirit, the band Strömkarlen has stood for Nordic folkmusic for more than 12 years, with a variety of musical influences and multi-layered arrangements that emphasize atmospheric solo and harmonic vocals. Often somber and mystical or plangent and melancholic, sometimes with a driving rhythm, the music of Christina Lutter, Caterina Other, Daniel Nikolas Wirtz and Guido Richarts inevitably “enchants the listener and holds him captive until the very last note has faded away.“ (A.Goriup). In addition to fiddle, guitar, double bass and piano, special instruments such as the bodhrán and tin whistle from Ireland, cister, hurdy-gurdy and the Swedish nyckelharpa are used to create soundscapes somewhere between ancient music traditions and modern arrangements.

Since the release of their 5th album "Edda Sånger" in 2015, which has been enthusiastically celebrated by the press, the musicians have continued working with those ancient Icelandic verses about the gods and heroes of the north, which also reflect the roots of our own culture, and had inspired earlier artists like Wagner, Tolkien and others. The compositions combine elements as diverse as old folk and dance music, folk of Scandinavian and Celtic influences, but also modern rock and pop influences to a unique, atmospheric style, as again can be found on their current album "Edda Sånger Part III – Runes & Rumours" (Release: October 2019).

The musicians are also known for their humorous, personal live-presentation, with which they familiarize the audience with the content and peculiarities of the quaint texts and sometimes also know how to lure them to sing along. „Strömkarlen can hereby take its place at the pinnacle of German Folk Music. Top-notch songs, whether solo or in chorus, excellent arrangements and superb playing combine to produce an extraordinary musical feast.“ (Folkworld)