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You can find the most important information about the band and its music here – though it is by no means complete yet. A lot more information will be added to these pages in the near future. And if you would like to be informed from time to time about Strömkarlen’s latest activities (or would just like to receive some nice e-post from us;-), you can simply order our


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…is a Nordic water spirit, who casts a spell over his victims by playing irresistible fiddle music, finally luring them into the depths, and so too does the German-Swedish trio of the same name carry us away into the expanses of Northern Europe.

„A most appropriate name, since with their sensual and hypnotic music and beguiling songs, the Trio enchants the listener and holds him captive until the very last note has faded away.“ ( A. Goriup, Folkworld)

With fiddle, guitar, double bass, bodhrán and tin whistle – and particularly with their voices – Christina Lutter, Stefan Johansson and Guido Richarts celebrate their own unique versions of traditional and popular melodies from the rich repertoire of the Scandinavian and Celtic cultures.

„Strömkarlen can hereby take its place at the pinnacle of German Folk Music. Top-notch songs, whether solo or in chorus, excellent arrangements and superb playing combine to produce an extraordinary musical feast.“ (Folkworld)